Sizzle It Your Way



Pepper Lunch is the original Japanese D-I-Y Teppan restaurant, with over 350 stores in 15 countries all over the world. Pepper Lunch promises a dynamic and fresh culinary experience for everyone by presenting the novel concept of sizzling Steaks, Curry Rice, and not forgetting our signature Pepper Rice. All at affordable prices!

Our Founder

In 1970, a 28 years old trained chef Mr. Kunio Ichinose, opened a restaurant called ‘Kitchen Kuni’. Not long after, he encountered an iron plate. It was when a revolutionary cooking system was successfully developed. Instead of a conventional gas cooker, he introduced a high power electromagnetic cooker which was ahead of its time.With this innovative technology, a business model came into mind, to provide tasty steak fast style at a reasonable price. Equipped with strong passion, skills and determination, he wanted to present affordable premium steaks with quality ingredients to the people.He adapted this concept to suit his novel steak restaurant and presented the business plan at the International Hotel Restaurant Exhibition in Tokyo. ‘Pepper Lunch’ was then created, ‘pepper’ being the main ingredient and ‘lunch’ as the dishes are served at lunch prices all day. Its logo is shaped in the form of a palette to symbolise the dreams of its founder. The first Pepper Lunch was proudly opened in 1994 in Ofuna, Kanagawa. Pepper Lunch earned the New Business Model Development award from the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan in June 2005.

The Concept

At Pepper Lunch, you are our master chef. We assemble the finest & freshest ingredients on our patented sizzling hot teppan and you simply immerse yourself in the culinary and wholesome experience of ‘Sizzling it your Way’. For a different twist, experiment with our exquisitely crafted sauces to create a taste of your own!


With its unique patented design, the iron plate and special electromagnetic cookerare part of the successful formula of Pepper Lunch. The iron plate will heat up to 500ºFin 70 seconds and remain hot at approximately 175ºF for more than20 minutes. Meat that is grilled at this temperature range remainstender and juicy. The iron plate also keeps food warm for a longer timehence customers can enjoy full flavours of the dish.